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On date of January 31st 2009 the ASORL shall organize its nocturnal exercise « 31st MARCHE INTERNATIONALE ASORL », to which you are cordially invited to participate. It will be a military patrol, whose main objective will be nocturnal orientation. We ask you to send back the registration form not later than January 16th 2009, even so a copy of transfer of registration fee.

Place and timetable:

At the shooting range of Bleesdall / HOSCHEID. About 18 km from DIEKIRCH.(north)
Further details you shall get with confirmation.

Saturday, January 31st Up from 09.00 AM Arrival and registration of competitors
02.00 PM Workshops
05.00 PM First teams start

Sunday, February 01st 07.00 AM Breakfast
about 10.00 AM Announcement of results

Participants: Active and reserve forces from Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, USA and Luxembourg. A team comprises 3 competitors. As mission instructions are translated into German, French and English, it is advisable for at least one member of the team to have knowledge of one of these languages.

About 18 km-march, partially across country,
Orientation by means of map, compass, sketch map and current orientation methods,
Obstacle crossing (natural and artificial),
Handling of equipment and weapons,
First aid,
Sporting performance,
General military knowledge.

The competition will be held regardless the weather !!!

Marking: The final result is calculated from the score, obtained at the workshops, the marching time and the orientation exercise along the circuit. There will be only one overall result for all participating teams. Excepted stops at the workshops, an ideal marching time will be fixed to cover the circuit. If you exceed this ideal time more than 2 hours, your marching time will not be scored. Team classification (only the best one) is also planned for the following disciplines:
1) Orientation
2) Marching time
3) Workshops

Prizes: The overall winner will receive challenge trophy and the replica. Members of the three best teams will receive a gold, silver or bronze medal, according to their classification. The members of the best team in each discipline will receive a medal.

Challenge trophy conditions

* The winner takes care of it, defrays for any damage and accepts to make it available for the next MARCHE INTERNATIONALE ASORL or eventually defend it.
* Engraving of the winning team's name is at the team's expense.
* The challenge trophy gets definite property of the team, which:
a) wins it 3 times in sequence
b) Wins it 5 times at all.

Clothing, equipment and food: Appropriate BDU, according to national regulations. (No sport clothes). Carrying firearms is forbidden. Electronic night-vision equipment and transmitter/receiver are not permitted. The only equipment, supplied by the organizer, will be the map; it is useful to bring with you: flashlight (small size), compass, ball pen, protractor (1/20.000), and other things that you think useful. At the end of the exercise you will have the possibility to rest a few hours; don't forget sleeping bag, camp bed. At the start a march ration will be supplied to each competitor. Breakfast (comprised in registration fee) shall be served on Sunday, march 05th at 07.00 AM.

Registration and registration fee: Registration is done by sending back the registration form , prior to January 16th 2009 at the following address:

Boite postale 2144
L-1021 Luxembourg
FAX: 00352 26 37 07 67 or ++ 26 95 92 38
or E-mail:

Even so, the registration fee at the amount of 42 Euro per team has to be transferred (without any costs for the addressee) at our Postal Account

IBAN LU94 1111 0202 6387 0000 Code Bic CCPLLULL

Please don't use bank transfer, only postal transfer. We shall send you confirmation after payment!! ! !

Responsibility and discipline:
1) The participation will be at the own risk and the competitors are responsible for all damage the
may cause.
2) The team-leader is responsible for the discipline of his team.
3) Serious offences will entail the disqualification of the team.
Are considered serious offences: bad or disloyal behaviour towards competitors or organizer
use of fraudulent material (especially maps or documents)
disregarding civil law or highway regulations
4) By doing registration, all competitors accept these rules.

You can obtain registration form wrinting to:

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