sabato 15 agosto 2009

XII International Shooting Competition of NATO Reserve Forces "SNAJPER 2009" - Poznan - Poland - 18/20 september

Dear Friends!

We are happy to send you the invitation to the XII International Shooting Competition of NATO Reserve Forces "SNAJPER 2009" which, according to the prior announcement, will take place on 18-20.09.2009. Please, fill in the enrollment form carefully. Technical information, maps, etc. will be send to you at a later date.

There is a possibility of earlier arrival and late departure if you send us details of your trip as soon as possible so we can book your accomodation.

See you all in Poznan!!!

Mietek Rochowiak - President

Enrollment forms MUST be sent no later than 31 AUGUST 2009.

Enrollment forms received after this date WILL NOT be accepted.

Number of teams limited to 60 due to technical conditions. The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of teams from one organization.

Please send the attached enrollment form to the following address:

Klub Żołnierzy Rezerwy LOK „Snajper”

Prezes ppor. rez. Mieczysław Rochowiak

61-654 Poznań ul. Sołtysia 22

tel. / fax : 0048 /61/ 820 71 78

mob. 0048/ 504 /112 111

e – mail:

NOTE! All enquiries, questions and any contact with us can be in POLISH, ENGLISH and GERMAN

giovedì 6 agosto 2009

NISC 2009 - Nederland International Shooting Competition - Harskamp near Ede - Holland 16/18 october 09

Dear Friends,

We would like to invite all of you to participate in NISC 2009 this year. We
created a brochure to share with your collegues in the armed forces.

Further information and registration information will follow soon. We hope
to see all of you again this year.

Kind regards,

Sergeant-Major Tom van Leeuwen

mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

The International Shooting of the Friendship - Bernex , Canton of Geneva - Swizerland 12 september 2009

The International Shooting of the Friendship will take place again in Switzerland, at the stand de tir de BERNEX (Bernex shooting range in the Canton of Geneva), Saturday September 12 2009 at 8.30 a.m.

You can participate as individual or by team of 3 officers or warrant officers of the same organization, group or country.

Organized by the AORSL, in collaboration with the Military Society of Geneva (SMG) and the Central Company of Military Shooting (la Centrale), this competition consists of 5 tests, totalising 60 cartridges, using 5 Swiss military weapons :

At 300 m assault rifle SIG 90 - assault rifle SIG 57 – rifle mousqueton 31

At 50 and 25 m guns SIG 210 - SIG 220

The individual weapons are prohibited.

Additional, optional shootings and outside contest, could be carried out with various hand weapons.

Two classifications will be carried out : military category (starting from the rank of senior corporal) and guest category (police force, customs, sport gunners). Cups and medals will reward the winners of each discipline. A patent of war weapons mastery will be given to the gunners having reached the necessary scores.

At midday, a meal will be served in the shooting range. A fatigue (combat outfit) is recommended (according to the weather) ; failing this, a sport civil outfit.

To avoid any problem at the border crossing, it is asked to dress in military outfit only after the arrival in the shooting stand of Bernex.

The number of participants being limited, please send to us as fast as possible by mail only your inscription form. (the payment is 50 euros or 80 Swiss francs including shooting fees, ammunition, lunch, closure drink), imperatively before September 1st.

More information on the website

Il “Tir International de l’Amitié” sarà ancora quest'anno in Svizzera, al "stand de tir de bernex" ( Ginevra ), il sabato 12 settembre 2009 alle 8.30 della mattina..

Ci sarà la possibilità di concorrere individualmente o da squadra d'ufficiale o sottufficiale della stessa origine, comitiva o paese.

L'organizzazione e fatta dal AORSL con la collaborazione della "Société Militaire De Genève" e la "Société Centrale de Tir Militaire" ; questa competizione si svolgerà in cinque provi, utilisando totale 60 cartuccie su cinque armi militari svizzeri :

A 300 metri: fugile SIG 90 - fugile SIG 57 - moschetto 31

A 50 è 25 m: pistola SIG 210 e SIG 220

Sono vietati le armi personali.

Si potrà, senza concorso, provare parecchie armi.

Ci saranno due classificazioni : categoria militare (dal grado di caporale) e categoria invitato (polizia, dogana e sportivi). RICOMPENSA: medaglie e coppe per vincitori in ogni specialità. Un diploma di "maîtrise aux armes de guerre" sarà dato ai tiratori secondo i loro risultati.

A mezzogiorno, colazione al "Stand de Tir de Bernex". La tenuta di combattimento e raccomandata, ma vietata per passare i confini rivestirla solo al stand di Bernex.

Il numero di partecipanti e limitato, dunque bisogna mandare in fretta, et solo via la Posta, la "Fiche d'Inscription" imperativa prima il 1 settembre.

Maggiori info e scheda d'iscrizione sul sito web

Informations can ask to

Zemessardzes patruļa 2009 (11-13 SEP 2009) - Latvia

Latvian National Guard Headquarter organizes International military patrol competition “Zemessardzes patruļa 2009” which will be held on 11th – 13th September 2009. This year it will be 17th military competition already. And we would like to invite your team on this competition.

  1. LOCATION The Competition will be held near the city Preiļi (appr. 200) km E from Riga
  2. TIME FRAME Arrival: 11 September Departure: 13 September
  4. ACCOMMODATION Accommodation will be supported during the competition days.
  5. TRANSPORT: Arrival in Latvia on participants’ expenses. Transportation in Latvia will be provided.
  6. MEAL ARRANGEMENT On the participant expenses.
  7. DRESS Battle dress uniform.
  8. MONEY There is no participation fee for this competition, but expenses for traveling, insurance, food, hotel, etc. are your own responsibility. Most establishments in Riga accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard. The national currency LATS (Ls) pegged to the EUR at 1:70.2 santims (0.702 Lats). Cash machines are available widely in Riga and other big cities. Rates at currency exchanges do not differ much from one exchange to the next.
  9. COMPETITION Language during the competition will be English/Latvian.

Type of the competition

The distance, including several tasks and checkpoints, will be approximately 20 - 25 kilometers. There possibly will be following tasks during the patrol: orienteering, map navigation, mines and mine field identification, night shooting with assault rifle AK-4, pistol shooting, artillery, assembling rifles, object reconnaissance, first aid, test about military technique and units, obstacle zone, military low, commando march, fighting enemy forces, survival.

All the participants must be insured and insurance policy must be presented to organizers.


1. Teams from the Latvian National Guard battalions and National Armed Forces units (MP, Special Forces, Defense Academy, military schools and Land Force units) of the Republic of Latvia as well as teams from foreign countries (up to two teams from country) are welcome to this competition.

2. There are four participants in the team.


Necessary equipment during the distance for each soldier: 2 pairs of BDU, 2 pairs of boots, backpack, poncho, belt, tactical vest, first aid packet, flask, 2 liters of water, torch, rope (at least 9 mm thick and 4 m long), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, food ration for 24 hours, pen and notebook, binocular (one per team) compass (for each participant), gas mask, pocket knife. One mobile phone and binoculars requested for one team.

Dead line 30.08.2009. Fax: +371 67371150 E-mail:


1. It is forbidden to use any adjuvant or manuals during the competition.

2. The minimal weight of the back pack is 10 kilograms.

3. The descriptions of the tasks will be available in each control point in a written form.

4. It is team leader responsibility to check the correct written timings in the team task list in each control point.

5. All the soldiers are to wear the uniforms during the competition days.

6. All the competitors must follow the safety rules (instruction before competition) to avoid accidents during the patrol.

7. All the participants are to follow the orders given by the team leader.

8. All the participants must be insured and insurance policy must be presented to organizers.

9. Each competitor must be aware about his own training level and physical, health condition.

10. Each competitor is responsible for his damaged or lost equipment.

11. Team leader is responsible in case if someone of the team gets wounded.

12. Team leader is responsible for material damages given to civilian properties.

13. The medical assistance will be available during the competition. There will not be any medical exams before the competition.

14. Patrol team can continue the competition with three members (not less).