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Zemessardzes patruļa 2009 (11-13 SEP 2009) - Latvia

Latvian National Guard Headquarter organizes International military patrol competition “Zemessardzes patruļa 2009” which will be held on 11th – 13th September 2009. This year it will be 17th military competition already. And we would like to invite your team on this competition.

  1. LOCATION The Competition will be held near the city Preiļi (appr. 200) km E from Riga
  2. TIME FRAME Arrival: 11 September Departure: 13 September
  4. ACCOMMODATION Accommodation will be supported during the competition days.
  5. TRANSPORT: Arrival in Latvia on participants’ expenses. Transportation in Latvia will be provided.
  6. MEAL ARRANGEMENT On the participant expenses.
  7. DRESS Battle dress uniform.
  8. MONEY There is no participation fee for this competition, but expenses for traveling, insurance, food, hotel, etc. are your own responsibility. Most establishments in Riga accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Eurocard. The national currency LATS (Ls) pegged to the EUR at 1:70.2 santims (0.702 Lats). Cash machines are available widely in Riga and other big cities. Rates at currency exchanges do not differ much from one exchange to the next.
  9. COMPETITION Language during the competition will be English/Latvian.

Type of the competition

The distance, including several tasks and checkpoints, will be approximately 20 - 25 kilometers. There possibly will be following tasks during the patrol: orienteering, map navigation, mines and mine field identification, night shooting with assault rifle AK-4, pistol shooting, artillery, assembling rifles, object reconnaissance, first aid, test about military technique and units, obstacle zone, military low, commando march, fighting enemy forces, survival.

All the participants must be insured and insurance policy must be presented to organizers.


1. Teams from the Latvian National Guard battalions and National Armed Forces units (MP, Special Forces, Defense Academy, military schools and Land Force units) of the Republic of Latvia as well as teams from foreign countries (up to two teams from country) are welcome to this competition.

2. There are four participants in the team.


Necessary equipment during the distance for each soldier: 2 pairs of BDU, 2 pairs of boots, backpack, poncho, belt, tactical vest, first aid packet, flask, 2 liters of water, torch, rope (at least 9 mm thick and 4 m long), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, food ration for 24 hours, pen and notebook, binocular (one per team) compass (for each participant), gas mask, pocket knife. One mobile phone and binoculars requested for one team.

Dead line 30.08.2009. Fax: +371 67371150 E-mail:


1. It is forbidden to use any adjuvant or manuals during the competition.

2. The minimal weight of the back pack is 10 kilograms.

3. The descriptions of the tasks will be available in each control point in a written form.

4. It is team leader responsibility to check the correct written timings in the team task list in each control point.

5. All the soldiers are to wear the uniforms during the competition days.

6. All the competitors must follow the safety rules (instruction before competition) to avoid accidents during the patrol.

7. All the participants are to follow the orders given by the team leader.

8. All the participants must be insured and insurance policy must be presented to organizers.

9. Each competitor must be aware about his own training level and physical, health condition.

10. Each competitor is responsible for his damaged or lost equipment.

11. Team leader is responsible in case if someone of the team gets wounded.

12. Team leader is responsible for material damages given to civilian properties.

13. The medical assistance will be available during the competition. There will not be any medical exams before the competition.

14. Patrol team can continue the competition with three members (not less).

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