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43rd International “Jäger-Gold-Pokal-Turnier”(Infantry-Gold-Trophy) Shooting Competition 2016 REGEN / GERMANY

43rd International “Jäger-Gold-Pokal-Turnier” 
Shooting Competition 2016 

Dear Sirs, dear comrades, dear friends
the Regionalstab Territoriale Aufgaben OST and the German Armed Forces Reser- vists ́ Association Regen are conducting the 43rd International Shooting Competition Jäger-Gold-Pokal-Turnier (“Infantry-Gold-Trophy”) on

Saturday, 25 June 2016 at 94209 REGEN, Germany.

We cordially invite you and your teams to participate in our competition.

The participation of German and international military teams supports and increases mutual understanding and enhances our military cooperation and partnership. The “Infantry-Gold-Trophy” proved to be instrumental in strengthening existing bonds and in promoting new and old friendships across the borders and between our teams and nations.
Your participation in this great event would further contribute to our common goal of building partnership and understanding.


In addition, please note that the status of reservists from NATO countries is as specified in the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

If you accept the invitation, you are kindly requested to apply for a visitors and/or entry permit via your responsible Military Attaché in accordance with the visit procedures applicable in your country.


Permettez-nous de vous informer aussi que la Convention OTAN sur le statut des forces (Convention de Londres) est applicable aux réservistes des pays membres de l’OTAN.

Au cas où vous accepteriez l’invitation, il vous est demandé de bien vouloir nous faire parvenir, par l’intermédiaire de votre Attaché militaire responsable, une demande d’autorisation de visite ou d’entrée, selon votre procédure de contrôle des visites. 

In più si richiama l’attenzione sul fatto che per riservisti appartenenti agli stati NATO vale il diritto ai sensi della convenzione NATO sullo status delle forze armate.
In più si prega, nel caso dell’accettazione dell’invito, di far intervenire il suo addetto militare responsa-bile secondo le norme vigenti nel vostro paese.

Dodatkowo pozwolimy sobir zwrócié uwagę Państwa na to ze dla rezerwistów z państw NATO obo-wiazuje status prawny wedlug umowy dotyczacej statusu sil zbrojnyeh (SOFA).
Ponadto prosimy w przypadku przyjęcia zaproszenia zgodnie z przytętym u Państwa trybem kontroli wizyt zlożyé za pośrednietwem wlaśeiwego attache wojskowego wniosek o wizytę względnie wniosek o wjazd. 


43rd International Shooting Competition “Jäger-Gold-Pokal-Turnier” 

on Saturday, 25 June 2016 
at 94209 REGEN, Germany.
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The Competition:

International shooting competition with small arms of the German Bundeswehr
(assault rifle G36, pistol P8, machine gun MG3)

Assault rifle G36 (all team members)
- 200 m
- prone unsupported - 10 rounds

Pistol P8 (2 team members)
- 20 m,
- 5 rounds,
- standing (both hands can be used), - 3 targets

Machine gun MG3 (2 team members)
- 25 m
-15 rounds

Shooting competition with rifle G36 in the small arms Simulator (all team members)
Presentation of the 112th Armored Mechanised Infantry Battalion, REGEN

Military Region Command, Regionalstab Territoriale Aufgaben OST, 94327 Bogen
Saturday, 25 June 2016, 07.00 am - 05.00 pm.
the competition is for teams of four active or reserve soldiers, including females and for invited guests of the Military Region Command
Shooting competition
shooting range, 94209 REGEN/GERMANY
accommodation / food:
Bayerwald-Kaserne, Bodenmaiser Str. 66, 94209 Regen. Please inform us about your intention to use or not use accom- modation and food when submitting your entry form.
Applications for the competition should be made on the attached entry form. Please send in the entry form as soon as possible.
When individual soldiers names are not yet known a team name on its own is acceptable. Should there be too many applications, entries will be accepted in order of receipt. 

7. Confirmation:
Teams will receive a written confirmation after the last date of registration
8. Prizes:
Cups will be awarded for:
- the first, second and third military teams (active soldiers,

- the first, second and third female teams (guests) - the first, second and third male teams (guests)
- best team of every nation

Medals will be awarded for
- the best three shooters with the rifle G36, pistol P8 and

machine gun MG3
9. Timetable
Friday, 24 June 2016
03.00 pm 
Check in for active soldiers/reservists with a reservation for accommodation in Bayerwald-Kaserne Regen, Bodenmaiser Str. 66, 94209 Regen
07.30 pm
Beer Call / social evening
Saturday, 25 June 2016
07.00 am 5.00 pm
shooting competition and presentation of the
112th Armored Mechanised Infantry Battalion, REGEN
07.00 pm
awards ceremony
08.30 pm
social evening 
Sunday, 26 June 2016
10.00 am
Check out for teams which use accommodation in the Bayerwald-Kaserne

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