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AIR RAID 2008 - Orleans Air Force Base (France) - 4/5/6 aprile 2008


Exercise Air Raid 2008 is for the French Air Force a symbol of military cooperation not only between active-duty and reserve personnel, but also among the various European participating nations.

This multinational exercise involving around sixty different teams is taking place this year on the famous Transport Base of Orleans Bricy, which will provide the exercise support. I would therefore like to express my gratitude to all the base personnel contributing to the success of this major event.

Beyond the exercise objectives which are centred on evaluating the military competences and physical capacities of personnel, strengthening the relationship between active-duty and reserve personnel and developing multinational cooperation, I request that we focus on the military values of each combatant - courage, tenacity, team spirit and being proactive.

So welcome to all, Active-duty and reserve staff, French and multinational partners. I count on you and I am confident that this 2008 exercise will be a rewarding experience achieved in accordance with the genuine military values that we all share.

Brigadier General Olivier Allard Deputy Commander for the National Air Region





A national exercise called Air Raid 2008 will take place on April 04th, 05th and 06th 2008 at Orleans Air Force Base, 150 km south of Paris. It is a part of the yearly training activities program of the French Air Force.

This exercise is co-organized by the French Air Force and the French A.F. Reserve Officers/ Reserve Non-Commissioned Officers Associations (ANORAA and ANSORAA) and will take the form of a rally-raid competition opposing teams of 4 members.

The participation in Air Raid 2008 requires from every competitor the full acceptance and respect of the present rules and appendices.


The objectives of Air Raid 2008 are :

  • For the French A.F. :

- To validate, in line with the education delivered on air bases by the F.A.F. Reserve Information and Training Centres (CIIRAA) the military skills acquired by the reserve and the regular personnel.

- To meet the youngest reservists’ expectations,

- To reinforce and develop the ties between regular and reserve personnel.

- For ANORAA and ANSORAA associations :

- To promote team spirit among their members,

- To ensure the continuity of their information and communication policies,- To meet their active members’ expectations.


The Brigadier General, Deputy Commander for the National Air Region is in charge of the preparation, organization and direction of the Air Raid 2008 exercise.

In order to prepare and organize the exercise, two committees have been set up :

- A supervisory board, chaired by the Brigadier General,

- A steering committee, chaired by a superior reserve officer of the air operational HQ.


The Brigadier General delegates the DIREX to the president of the steering committee.

The DIREX is composed as followed :

- The president of the steering committee,

  • The Orleans Air Force Base Commander, or his deputy,
  • The Assistant Reserve Officer of the Base Commander of Orleans AFB or his deputy;
  • The Commanding Officer of the FAF Reserve Information and Training Centre of Orleans AFB,
  • A representative of the French AF Reserve,
  • A representative of the Reserve Officers Association (ANORAA),
  • A representative of the Reserve Non Commissioned Officers Association (ANSORAA).


The jury of the competition is composed as followed :

- The Orleans Air Force Base Commander or his deputy,

- The Assistant Reserve Officer of the Base Commander of Orleans AFB or his deputy;

- The Commanding Officer of the FAF Reserve Information and Training Centre of Orleans AFB,

- A representative of the FAF Reserve Command,

- A representative of the Reserve Officers Association ANORAA,

- A representative of the Reserve Non Commissioned Officers Association ANSORAA.

- A non commissioned officer not belonging to Orleans AFB.

The deliberation of the jury is done in camera. Its decision is non-appealable.


The different activities are monitored by regular or reserve personnel. All technical events, in particular shootings, are monitored by qualified personnel.



4.1.1 Support of the competition :

Foreign participants are not involved in the support of the exercise but are welcome as competitors.

4.1.2 How to compete :

The following personnel are allowed to enter for the competition:

- Regular and reserve personnel of the French AF or other services,

- Regular and reserve personnel from the invited countries, provided that prior to the exercise, they have received permission from their respective military authorities.

4.1.3 Composition of the teams :

The number of teams is strictly limited to sixty. Teams unable to be retained for the competition will be informed by the steering committee.

Each team will be composed of 4 members whatever their ranks. Each team will contain :

- Regular personnel,

- at least 2 reservists,

(At least 3 members must be allowed by their authorities to participate in all types of events).

A substitute can be added. But as soon as the competition begins, he is not allowed to participate in the exercise as a competitor.


4.2.1 Physical capabilities :

The competitors must be fit enough to be able to cover a 40 km-walk on an uneven field. They must be able to achieve an orienteering race.

4.2.2 Medical capabilities :

Every competitor must be in good health condition and have a copy of an up-dated medical certificate (less than a year old). This document is compulsory and will have to be produced during the in-processing otherwise, competitors won’t be authorized to participate.

4.2.3 Languages :

The only languages used will be French and English.


To benefit a protection during all the exercise, competitors must produce:

- For the regular personnel or operational reservists : a mission order,

- For non operational reservists :

    - a mission order or a document from their appropriate command specifying they are authorized to participate this exercise.

    - an individual insurance certificate covering the risks inherent to the participation in the exercise.

4.4 – UNIFORM :

4.4.1 – During the competition :

Competitors will wear the combat kit (same for all team members), combat boots, canvas belt, warm and waterproof clothes, reflective armband.

4.4.2 – For the ceremony and Sunday lunch :

Everybody will wear the combat uniform, with service cap and decorations.


The teams may take with them all the equipment deemed necessary. The maps, armbands and other essential items will be provided by the organizers and will have to be returned at the end of the competition.

4.5.1 Compulsory equipment :

Each team must carry a minimum load of 20 kg during the whole competition. This load is shared out between the competitors. Some unexpected controls will be made by organizers.

Obligatory equipment :

    - rucksack,

    - compass,

    - pencil and paper,

    - armband,

    - water bottle,

    - a change of clothes,

    - sleeping bag,

- rations.

For security measures, each team will have a cellular phone. Its use is strictly limited to emergency cases.

4.5.2 Advisable equipment :

- map cover,

- light with optical filters and batteries,

- earplugs for shooting and grenade launching drills,

- first-aid kit,

- survival blanket.

4.5.3 Forbidden equipment :

- any weapon not provided by the organizers,

- night vision goggles,

- radio transmitters,

- GPS locators.


The competition will last 24h. The teams are responsible for their rest time or lunch time.


The competition events are shared into 4 categories :

1) night orienteering race,

2) shooting drills (PA MAC50, FAMAS…)

3) theoretical knowledge events (technical, military ...)

4) other events (obstacle course, driving, first aid…)

Each category represents ¼ of the total score.


5.2.1 General rules :

- Every event is marked,

- The final score obtained by a team in an event depends on its place,

- as soon as a team participates in an event, it obtains a minimum mark for the event.

- For each event, the advantage is given to the teams which come first. For every event, the score obtained by a team depends on its place. The team which comes first in an event obtains the maximum score.

- The maximum score given for each event will be given before the beginning of the competition.

5.2.2 Penalties :

Penalties for technical errors, delays or non respect of current rules are taken into account in the markings.

5.2.2 Bonus :

A team can benefit from a bonus by 2 means:

- First of all, whenever a team includes at least one participant who joined the reserve less than a year ago.

- Secondly, whenever a team includes at least one woman and members of different ranks (officers, NCOs, airmen).

These 2 bonuses can be added.


5.3.1 before the beginning of the competition (on Friday evening) :

The presence of 4 members is mandatory throughout the competition.

A substitute can take the place of a member before the beginning of the competition but as soon as it begins, this substitute is at the organizer’s disposal. No team is allowed to participate in the competition with 5 members.

5.3.2 During the exercise :

-If a member withdraws during the exercise, the team can nevertheless pursue the competition with 3 members but it won’t be marked anymore.

- For some specific events such as shooting, in order not to disadvantage teams including non-committed reservists, only 3 members are required. In these cases, the team leader must designate the members before the beginning of the event..


A notebook is available to write any objection raised for an event. This objection is transmitted to the jury. Objection raises out of the procedure won’t be taken into account.

The team leader has to systematically sign the results obtained by its team at the end of every event.


The DIREX is allowed to sanction and exclude any team which would not respect the safety rules or the current regulations.

Except for emergencies, a team can’t benefit from an external help.



6.1.1 to belong to the organization staff :

Foreign participants are not concerned by the organization.

6.1.2 to participate as a competitor : Foreign teams :

Foreign teams must have received an invitation by the French Air Force Reserve. They have to fill in and return the registration form no later than February 20th 2008 to the following address.

If they are interested in the participation of the exercise but didn’t receive any invitation, they have also to contact us at the following address.

Délégation des Réserves de l’Armée de l’Air

Exercice Air Raid 2008

26, boulevard Victor

00460 ARMEES

Tel : 00 33 1 45 52 99 35

Fax : 00 33 1 45 52 99 33

Internet :

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question. French AF teams :

Every Air Force Base can register a team to the exercise no later than the February 20th 2008.


6.2.1 for the organization staff :

They will join Orleans Air Force Base on Friday April 04th 2008 between 8AM and 9AM.

6.2.2 for the competitors :

- Foreign teams must join Orleans A.F.B. between 12am and 02 pm on April 4th 2008.

They will receive a technical military instruction during the afternoon and an authorization to use guns during the exercise will be delivered.


6.3.1 for regular personnel and operational reservist :

- a valid civil/military ID card,

- a valid mission order,

- a valid medical examination certificate,

- a certificate for the use of guns.

6.3.2 for non-committed reservists :

- a valid civil ID card,

- a valid service order,

- the official decision that entitles them to take part in the competition (signed by the Bas Commander or the Authority they depend on),

- an individual insurance certificate covering the risks that are inherent to the participation in the raid

- a medical certificate (less than 3 months old).

Be advised that all these documents are mandatory.

They must be produced during the in processing. Without these documents, competitors are not allowed to participate in the exercise.


Orleans Air Force Base is about 10km north east from Orleans city. Participants can either drive directly to the A.F.B or stop at les Aubrais-Orléans railway station where a military shuttle will pick them up to the A.F.B.

Timetables will be available on the Internet site



During all the exercise, the uniform must be in accordance with the regulations.


- all the competitors will be accommodated on the A.F.B under tents from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th. As soon as they arrive, they can get equipped and leave their personal effects (it is advised not to leave valuable things).

Every competitor must bring its sleeping bag. Camp beds will be provided. Showers and restrooms will also be available on the camp.

Foreign competitors who would like to arrive on Thursday 3rd can book a room on the A.F.B. by contacting the following number 0033 2 38 42 49 49.

8.2 MEALS :

- For the competitors :

During the raid, teams must be autonomous as regards their meals from Friday afternoon till Saturday afternoon. They must bring rations.

From Saturday evening, meals will be served at the mess of the AFB.


Friday April 4th 2008 :

12h00 : opening of the catering services on the A.F.B.

      12am to 02pm : in processing of foreign competitors, administrative formalities, team registration and accommodation.

04pm : technical military instruction to deliver authorizations for the use of guns

during the exercise.

05pm : team leaders briefing,

06pm : start of the raid.

Saturday April 5th 2008 :

6:30 am : beginning of the day activities,

6:30pm : end of exercise,

07pm : collective dinner at the mess.

Sunday April 6th 2008 :

7:30am : breakfast at the mess,

08am : cleaning of the tents

10am : military ceremony

10:30am : results announcement,

11am : social lunch

00:30 pm : departure of the shuttles to the railway station

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