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16th Netherlands International Shooting Competition 2008 - Infantry Shooting Camp (I.S.K.) at HARSKAMP, the Netherlands - 12/13/14 september 2008

La manifestazione, giunta alla sedicesima edizione, si svolge presso le strutture dello Infanterie Sheeting Kamp di Harskamp, Ente d’Istruzione dell’Esercito Reale Olandese dedicato alla “scuola di tiro” con armi individuali e che viene impiegato in sinergia con le altre Forze Armate e dai Corpi Armati olandesi.

La struttura è dotata di ottimi servizi logistici e didattici e viene impiegata per la formazione del tiratore superiore a quella di base.

La gara è organizzata dall'Associazione degli Ufficiali e dei Sottoufficiali della Riserva olandese e diretta e gestita interamente da Riservisti, che hanno a disposizione il supporto logistico della Forza Armata.

La competizione prevede prove di tiro con il Fal FN in 7.62×51 e con il Diemaco C7 (clone canadese dell’americano M16) a distanze comprese fra 100 e 300 metri (a terra, in ginocchio e in piedi con cambio caricatore; il tiratore indossa il gibernaggio da fante in linea) e con la pistola Glock 17 su varie sagome alla distanza di 30 metri, sempre nelle tre posizioni.

Qualora i tiratori riescano ad ottenere i minimi previsti, si vedrebbero assegnati anche i brevetti di tiratore scelto olandese di secondo livello (sharpsshooters) in ogni disciplina di tiro.

Harskamp è posta a circa 82 km da Amsterdam e la soluzione più semplice e comoda dall'Italia consiste nel raggiungerla utilizzando i voli Easyjet, Myair, Transavia, Meridiana su Amsterdam Schiphol e Ryanair su Eindhoven, treno sino alla stazione di EDE-WAGENINGEN dove un transfer militare vi porterà alle strutture dello Infanterie Scheeting Kamp.

Netherlands International Shooting Competition

Netherlands Armed Forces Federation of Reservists

Dear friends,

I herewith have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the sixteenth (16th) Netherlands International Shooting Competition "NISC 2008", of which I send you the programme and the registration procedure.

The " Netherlands International Shooting Competition for Reserves " will take place during the weekend of 12, 13 & 14 September 2008 and will be organized by the Reservists Shooting Commit¬tee of the Netherlands Armed Forces Federation of Reservists (NRFK), which is a co-operation of the associations for reserves KVNRO and AVRM.
This competition has the official approval of the Commander-in-Chief of the Netherlands Army Forces.

NISC is the Dutch contribution to the International Military Shooting Competitions within NATO and partner-states.

1. Dates: Friday 12 & Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 of September 2008

2. Locations:
- Hotel & Mess: Army Camp "HARSKAMP"
- Shooting: Infantry Shooting Camp (I.S.K.) at HARSKAMP, the Netherlands

3. Participation:

Participation in NISC 2008 is open to teams consisting of 3 marksmen.
A maximum of 57 teams can be enrolled !
NOTE: Civilians cannot have access to any military facility nor NISC
Registration and enrolment will be on a "first come, first served" basis.
A maximum of 3 teams per participating organisation is appli¬cable.
Additional places can be offered if the maximum of 57 teams has not
been reached.

4. Programme outline

Time activity Location Dress

Friday 12th of September 2008

16.00 – 20.00

arrival, registration, Parking place, Civil, Combat, Quartering building 126 Service dress

18.00 – 19.00 Diner building 127 as above

19.30 Briefing Teams building 126 (left side) Combat

20.15 Weapon instruction building 111 Combat

21.00 Social evening building 126 Combat

Saturday 13th of September 2008

06.30 – 07.30 Breakfast building 127 Combat

07.45 Opening ceremony museum site Combat

08.00 – 08.15 Shuttle to ranges museum site Combat

Civilian vehicles are not allowed at the ranges

08.30 – 16.00 Shooting competition WH-2/4/5 PWH/POW Combat

16.00 – 17.00 Shuttle to barracks Combat

17.00 Bar open bar building 127 Mess dress

18.50 Shuttle bus to restaurant The Cantharel Mess dress

19.30 Opening Gala diner The Cantharel Mess dress

22.30 Prizes ceremony (-23.00) The Cantharel Mess dress
Social evening till 24.00

Sunday 14th of September 2008

09.00 – 10.00 Breakfast building 127 Civil-, combat-, service dress

10.00 Farewell and goodbye as above

5. Arrival and Registration:
You are expected on Friday 12 September 2008 between 16.00 hrs and 20.00 hrs.
Dinner will only be possible between 18.00 hrs and 19.00 hrs !
The address: Army Camp "De Harskamp"
Otterloseweg 5
Telephone 0031-318-45.40.60

In the Army Camp you follow the signs "NISC".
Parking of private cars is only permitted on the marked parking places and parking area's.

When arriving by train you should disembark at RAILWAY STATION EDE-WAGENINGEN.
When you call (from there) tel. nr. 0031-621-250734 (NISC-organisation Col Lettinga), you will be picked up as soon as possible at the Railway Station by military trans¬portation. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from the Railway Station to the Army Camp Harskamp.

Upon arrival your personal and team identification will be checked at the registration desk.
You are requested to pay the registration fee (cash) at that moment. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.
At the same time you are asked to sign a statement in which you declare that you shall not hold the Netherlands Ministry of Defence responsible in case of physical accidents or material damage.
Each participant will receive a programme-booklet of NISC 2008.

For the protection of their personal belongings all participants are to bring a small padlock to attach to their individual locker, which is next to the bed in the team bedrooms.
On every bed you will find a quilt and sheets. (You don’t need to bring your own sleeping bag! )

6. The Shooting Competition
The NISC 2008 competition will comprise three shooting exercises: the Glock 17 pistol, the rifle Fal 7,62 mm and the rifle Diemaco C7 5,56 mm.
Briefings & Weapon Instructions will take place on Friday 19.30 hrs.

A. Pistol Glock 17
The Glock exercise starts with a sighting practice of 5 rounds standing in 30 seconds.
Practices 1 to 4 are counting practices. Practice 1 is 10 rounds in the prone position in 30 secs on 1 target. Practice 2 is 10 rounds kneeling in 30 seconds on 1 target. Practice 3 is standing 10 rounds in 30 seconds on 1 target, consisting of centric circles with points.
All these practices are at a distance of 30 meters.

B. Rifle Diemaco C7
The Diemaco C7 exercise starts with a sighting practice of 6 rounds in 30 seconds at distances of consequently 100 meter, 200 meter and 300 meter.
The counting exercise starts with practice 1: standing 10 rounds in 35 seconds at 1 target at 100 meter. Practice 2 is sitting 2 x 4 rounds in 35 seconds at 1 target at 100 meter. Practice 3 is kneeling 2 x 4 rounds in 8 times 3 seconds at 1 target at 200 meter. Practice 4 is in prone position 2 x 4 rounds in 8 times 3 seconds at 1 target at 300 meter.

C. Rifle FAL
The Fal exercise is the same as the Diemaco C7 exercise.

NOTE : In the booklet wich you receive at the registration, you will find the extensive version of the three shooting exercises

During the day you have the possibility to shoot in a virtual combat at the small arms trainer, which is located in the army camp. A shuttle-bus service will run constantly during the day. This experience is not a part of the competition.

7. Farewell and Departure
The programme will end on Sunday the 14th of September at approximately 10.00 hrs. For participants travelling by train, transportation will be available to RAILWAY STATION EDE-WAGENINGEN.

8. Costs of participation
The registration fee, covering the whole weekend, amounts € (EUR) 85,= per person. (€ 255,= per team).
This amount includes all meals, the Gala Diner, awards, trans¬portation and sleeping accommodation on an 6 persons teambedroom for each participant.
This amount is to be paid (cash in Euro's) at the registration desk upon arrival on Friday.

9. Application of participation

You are asked to inform the NISC-organisation by E-mail or by Fax about your decision to participate in NISC by using the application-form enclosed.
The application form should be received by the NISC-organisation not later then the 30st of August 2008 (30-08-2008).
You can send it to our E-mail address:
Or to fax-number: 0031-70-3623661
In case you want to send more teams: use a separate application form for each team !

Application forms are taken in and teams are enrolled in order of receipt.
Enrolment of teams cannot be guaranteed in case of receiving the application forms after August the 30st 2008. If any member of your team(s) is not able to come, a substitute from your organisation may take the vacancy instead. Please communicate any changes by e-mail or fax before arrival as much as possible.

10. NISC organisation
The NISC-organisation consists of the Reservists Shooting Committee of the NRFK and holds the following persons:
Colonel G. Lettinga (Co-ordinator NISC)
Lieutenant-colonel R.J.G. Roelofs
Major Mr W.F. Roelink
Lieutenant W.P. van den Houten
Lieutenant H.J. Nix
Adjudant F.J. Droog
Sergeant 1 T. van Leeuwen

11. Further information
If you have any questions or suggestions with reference to this letter, you may turn to:
G. Lettinga:
Tel: 0031-313.65.16.10 (home) or 0031-621.250.734 (mobile) or 0031-26.355.23.06 (work).

We hope that again many countries will wish to compete in this event and that we may renew our acquaintance in friendly and frater¬nal competiti¬on.

In the expectation that we have amply informed you, on behalf of the NISC-organisation,
with kind regards,
G. Lettinga
Colonel (R)

Co-ordinator "NISC 2008"

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