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Norwegian Commando Raid 2009 – Rena Camp 28. – 30. August

Norwegian Reserve Officers Association. (NROF) have the pleasure of inviting participating teams to the Norwegian Commando Raid 2009.

The competition will take place during the 28th to the 30.of August, around the area of Rena Army Camp in Østerdalen, Norway. The distance of the raid is about 30 km, with some 12 – 25 posts incorporated


Rena Leir, N-2450 Rena Friday 28th of August. 2009 by19.00 hours.


The competitors compete in teams. Remark: each team consists of four men and/or women. Team/squad leader must hold the rank of officer. There is only one classification.

We demand that the competitors are of good health and the team must be capable of navigating in unknown terrain.

The Raid will take place mostly during daylight and some of it during darkness at a total length of around 30 kilometres. Running time will count considerably.

Every competitor must carry a pack of minimum 7 kilos throughout the competition or minimum 28 kilos by the team. Water not included. The team must be prepared to take on additional gear. Necessary equipment should consist of compass, pencil and notebook, first aid equipment, knife, food and water for the period of competition and the necessary clothing according to the time of the year

Please note that you are not allowed to carry GPS or private maps.


Combat-dress with combat military boots.


The raid will go on from early Saturday morning and will end late Saturday evening. The teams must be self supplied for the time of the raid. Accommodations will be arranged. Bring sleeping bag. After the Raid on Saturday evening there will be a social gathering. Prize giving takes place on Sunday morning.


Submitted by the 7th of August to NROF, PO box 908, Sentrum, 0104 Oslo

Phone: ++ 47 22 47 82 51, fax: ++ 47 22 33 27 23 or e-mail: or via NROF homepage

Registration fee is NOK 250.- per competitor and must be paid to account: 5033 05 09241 by the 7th of August and marked ”Commando Raid”.

Contact address and organizing officer is:

Captain Håkon Thoresen, Tord Pedersensgate 19, 3014 Drammen. Norway.

Phone residence:++ 47 32 83 27 79, office:++ 47 32 84 99 13 , mobile ++47 41 85 15 51


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